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Dreamyard - 4pcs Outdoor Patio Umbrella Base 238lbs

Dreamyard - 4pcs Outdoor Patio Umbrella Base 238lbs

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Dreamyard - 4pcs Outdoor Patio Umbrella Base 238lbs

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Dreamyard's 4pcs outdoor patio umbrella base is the perfect solution to secure your outdoor umbrella in any outdoor area. This base boasts a superior strength of 238lbs that ensures your patio umbrella won't be moving or blown away. Enjoy your outdoor space with this reliable and stylish umbrella base.

Key Features

  • Heavy Duty Structure: The combination of high-quality PE material and excellent blow molding technology, this hard base weight has weather resistance and extremely long service life. Most importantly, four rustproof galvanized pins help secure the panels more stably.
  • Filled with Wet Sand: Designed for offset and cantilever umbrellas, this base weight can help you secure your umbrella firmly. Especially when all four base plates are filled with wet sand, it can weigh up to 238 pounds and improve umbrella stability in windy conditions.
  • Convenient Funnel Included: Each plate of the base weight has a 1.5-inch diameter water injection port to fill with sand or water, and easily empty it through the spout when needed. More, it also has a sand-filling funnel, which can help you greatly increase your efficiency.
  • Easy to Move and Connect: Each base plate has a humanized carrying handle that allows you to move it easily. When not in use, just empty the sand and move it to the storage area. Besides, this umbrella base weight comes with four connecting pins for easily assemble.
  • 4 User-friendly Panels: Designed for offset umbrellas and cantilever umbrellas; sturdy 4-plate construction is strong and easy to assemble. (Cross base is not included). One plate dimension is 19"x 19"x 3" and overall dimension is 38"x 38" x 3".


  • Color- Black
  • Material- PE, PVC
  • Overall dimensions- 38" x 38" x 3"(L x W x H)
  • Each plate dimensions- 19" x 19" x 3"(L x W x H)
  • Net weight- 18 lbs
  • The weight of filled with wet sand- 238 lbs

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